Apple iTunes 8: First hands-on

September 9th, 2008

Apple iTunes 8A new iTunes has been long awaited and we can tell you right now that it’s been more than worth the wait. It’s not just an update, it’s nearly a complete overhaul. Read on for first shots of it in action, as well as reasons you simply have to upgrade. Now.

Visual changes to the iTunes interface add to the experience – hover over a tile of a genre and all the album covers of your songs zoom by, as DVD covers do when you switch over to video.

Content has been added too, especially for US Apple fans, who will now be able to download films and movies in HD straight to their Macs. If you’re stuck here in the US of K like us however, it looks likely we won’t be seeing HD shows just yet.

Jobs was most proud of the Genius function that iTunes 8 introduces, and we can see why. A click of the whizzy button and iTunes will take whatever artist or song you’re listening to, run it over its database in an instant and come back with tons of songs that match it musically. It works with clever algorithms, but also by monitoring the playlist choices of millions of other iTunes users to find the perfect match.

One click downloads from the store also pop up on the right hand side for cash-rich, but time-poor music fans, so it’s simple to quickly buy more tracks and bulk up a playlist.

If you’d rather keep your songs to yourself though, don’t worry: Genius is entirely anonymous and opt-in, so it won’t snoop on you unless you want it to.

Peep the pics below for a closer look.

iTunes 8

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