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pea_speaker1.jpgPlay the seven pea speakers in their pod, or roll them around your room for instant surround sound. Each contains its own drivers and Bluetooth connectivity, so they all sing from the same iPod.

This is the fun way to spread the sound from your iPod, or whatever audio device is plugged into the clear Perspex pod, all around the room. Connected via Wi-fi, each Pea speaker can play the music wirelessly from anywhere inside the range of the pod. They’re not designed for 5.1 surround sound sadly, but it’s an effective way of filling a room with sound using only small speakers. It’s still just a concept by designer Lu Le, but we hope it’ll get snapped up.

Out TBA | £TBA | via Yanko Design

  • mehran eslami

    i want to know how we can get this pea speakers and how mach is the price.

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