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We7: offering free music, as long as you like adsFancy listening to EMI tracks without paying a penny? No, you needn’t resort to piracy, just tap into We7, where EMI’s just agreed to make its music available for free as long as you put up with some ads.

The record label just agreed to put 400,000 tracks on the We7 website, which offers on-demand streaming with ad-support for free, or paid-for MP3 downloads.

The site lets you listen to full albums without handing over any cash, as well as creating playlists to share with friends.

Now for the bad news, those ads are short audio clips that play before each streamed track.

Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient, but you won’t have to slap down a credit card to get access, and EMI’s promising top-quality content too.

EMI’s tracks will be available later in the year.

TBC | £free | EMI, We7 (via Distorted Loop)

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