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With hundreds of apps available, the iPhone’s got more talents than a stage-school beauty contest. From saving you money to saving your life, the iPhone can do it all.

We’ve trawled through the App store, weeded out the weaker apps and compiled the very best iTunes has to offer.

Ladies and gents, take a peek at the 100 must-have iPhone apps, all laid out for your perusal. Many iPhones gave their lives to bring you them, but it was worth it.

All-time best iPhone apps: Top 100, part 1

WhereWhere (£free)
Trace the nearest restaurants, cafés and even concerts with this helpful navigator. But it’s much more than an amenity-finder. Fire up the buddy beacon feature and it’ll track down your mates. If there are any nearby, it’ll pin their location down onto the map, so they won’t have to bark directions to you down the phone, instead relying on the iPhone to guide you right to them!

VicinityVicinity (£1.79)
Tuck into this delectable amenity locater and grab all the latest restaurant and bar hangouts in your locale. With one touch access to all manner of food and drink spots it doesn’t matter whether you’re more Harry Ramsden than Ramsey, its all here.

G-ParkG-Park (£0.59)
Parking your car in city centres is a recipe for confusion. If you always forget where you’ve left your motor, this handy app is for you. Just tell it when you get out of your vehicle, and it’ll remember the position. Tap it up again when you come back, and it’ll point the way to your car with the minimum fuss.

TubeStatusTubeStatus (£free)
If you’ve ever spent time tapping your toe on a London Underground platform, you’ll know the value of this app. It receives real-time updates on delays from Transport For London, so you’ll always know if it’s leaves on the line, or the dreaded “passenger under a train” holding up your commute home.

QuitterQuitter (£free)
Those ‘smoking kills’ labels aren’t on your precious fag pocket for nowt, y’know. Ditch the habit with this health-conscious app that’ll help you keep tabs on your progress towards a nicotine-free life. It’ll even show you how much cash you’ve saved up from ditching those cancer sticks. You’ll be richer too!

ICEICE (£0.59)
Your iPhone never leaves your side, right? Then why not store something useful on it, instead of that horrendous music collection! This lifesaving app can be filled with full details of your emergency contacts. It also lists over 175 of the most common diseases, allergies, medications and medical conditions, so you can easily select the ones appropriate to you.

ShowtimesShowtimes (£free)
Never argue about which film to see on a Saturday night. With this app you’ll be able to see what’s playing, and where. If it’s on near you, you’ll find it with Showtimes, letting you avoid those annoyingly slow information lines, or even tapping up the Internet to track down the cinema’s listings page.

WeatherbugWeatherBug (£free)
Don’t waste time looking up at the clouds when deciding whether to go out. With this app you’ve got a weather forecaster in your pocket. With live forecasts and severe weather alerts being continually updated, past indecision will be just a storm in a teacup.

Loan SimLoan Sim (£0.59)
The world of loans can get rather lonely, what you need is your own trusty loan advisor to tell it like it is. Whether you need a loan to finance your start up, or that weekend break away from the shop floor, this loan comparison tool lets you size up three loans at once so you won’t be paying it back in limbs afterwards.

GarageBuyGarageBuy (£free)
Your dreams of being an internet entrepreneur may have gone out the window but there’s still time to make megabucks in the online market. Stay on top of all your online auctions, such as those on eBay, and find fortune via your worldwide clients. Being an international retail magnate has never been so easy.

BudgetBudget (£1.19)
You might have to spend money to make money, but it helps to have some in the first place. Make sure you stay in line with this financial friend and keep track of all the extravagant expenses you’ve made. Before long you’ll have scrimped and saved enough to make an investment, have a night on the town, or maybe buy a few more apps!

BloombergBloomberg (£free)
Stop tapping away at texts and web sites, didn’t you know your mobile could be a moneymaker? Fire up this stock-filled app and get trading like fat cat city types, but without the constant screaming down the blower, red braces, or odious air of self-importance.

Super Monkey BallSuper Monkey Ball (£5.99)
Navigate a cute little chimp through a variety of mazes to reach its goal. It’s infuriatingly addictive, but that’s not what’ll draw the crowds. To play this game you’ll need to use the iPhone’s accelerometer. That means wiggling the mobile around like a lunatic. Passers by will either assume you’ve got something stuck under the screen, or stop to take a look.

Tap Tap RevengeTap Tap Revenge (£free)
Hit the lights in time to the rythm, and use the iPhone’s amazing multi-touch screen to play against a friend on the same phone. It’s the most fun you can have huddled over a handset, and with fingers pummeling everywhere you’ll soon have a group wanting to get involved.

ShazaamShazam (£free)
Identify songs just by holding your phone up to the music. When it’s sampled enough, it’ll vibrate to let you know, then just wait a few seconds and the name that’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongues for so long will be revealed. It’s a great way to show off the iPhone, as well as relieve nagging questions in companions’ minds! (£free)
Surrounded by bored mates with no interest in your shonky music collection? Fire up this app, tap in an artist they like and will serve up quality tunes guarnateed to get their foot tapping. It’s the perfect pocket essential for use at parties too, or just getting hold of that track your mate’s had buzzing round his head all day.

iCalorieiCalorie (£2.99)
You are what you eat. That’s why this counter lets you keep track of your daily calorie intake. Just tap in what you’ve eaten, as well as the exercise you’ve done, and it’ll work out where you currently stand. It’s quick, simple, and handier than carrying ’round a notepad!

Restaurant NutritionRestaurant nutrition (£free)
With nutritional info on restaurants such as Burger King, you’ll never pig out more than you should. Entering in your meals is as simple as picking them from the on-screen menu, while all the calorie counting and number crunching is done behind the scenes.

KenkouKenkou (£2.99)
Kenkou helps you keep a record of your vital health stats. Essentials such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight can all be tracked. Knowledge is power, and the key to physical fitness, so with this app in your pocket you’ll be the most powerful guy around!

Go Learn Home EditionGoLearn Fitness: Home Edition (£5.99)
Swap calls for crunches with this handy app. It’s packed with video tutorials to get you in shape, and will even help you design a workout routine specific to your goals. Install it, ditch the gym, and get fit on your living room floor! There’s everything you need here, so you’ll save money as well as losing the flab!

MySpaceMySpace Mobile (£free)
Sure, it’s packed with unsigned bands and endless teenage diatribes, but MySpace is also a social networking and blogging superpower. Install this dedicated app and you’ll soon be able to blog on the move, send messages to your friends and make new ones. You never know, you might even discover the next big thing in music too.

FacebookFacebook (£free)
The ultimate timewaster, sorry, social networking tool. Use Facebook’s dedicated iPhone app to keep in touch with everyone you know and update them with your every move. If you’ve tied your Facebook profile into your blog, it’s the next best thing to a twitter feed.

ShoZuShoZu (£free)
ShoZu has been kicking around on Symbian and Windows smartphones for a while, but now it’s on the iPhone, letting you upload photos to all your favourite social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There’s also support for less common sites, including, the BBC and ITV News. If you see something newsworthy, ShoZu will get it on the news fast!

ZintinZintin (£free)
Keep in touch with people around you and find out which of those are close by. This handy app puts you in touch with friends in the vicinity. Of course, you’re likely to get overloaded the second you set foot in the local pub, but if any of your mates pop up when they’re not already with you, its the perfect excuse to give them a ring. You can also blog to your circle of friends using the built-in Wall function.

Tip masterTip Master (£0.59)
Next time you’re dining out, touch up this tasty Tip Master and let it calculate the correct tip depending on how you rate the service. Just use the scroll bar to slide from poor to excellent and be advised an amount accordingly. If you’re dining with a group of people, its handy calculator will even let you know how much to split the bill by.

TwitterificTwitterrific (£free)
Been bitten by the Twitter bug? This “micro-blogging” craze just found its way to the iPhone, letting you post instant messages known as tweets direct to the web. Let the blogosphere know what you’re up to at all times, or just give your stalkers more tasty info morsels to chew over!

ExposureExposure (£free)
Put Flickr in your pocket and keep track of your friend’s photoblogs while you upload yours. Exposure has all the functionality you’d expect, including photo search, and it’ll even serve up photos that were geotagged near your current location. Spooky, but very cool at the same time.

BubblewrapBubble wrap (£free)
Everyone loves bubble wrap. Pop, pop, pop! It shouldn’t be fun, but it really is! This wonderfully simple app shows off the responsiveness of Apple’s touchscreen. Sure, it’s not the most inventive use of an iPhone or iPod touch, but it should help alleviate some stress, and for a free download, that can’t be bad!

iBeeriBeer (£1.19)
Trick Boris into thinking you’re flouting drinking laws on the Tube with this alcohol-friendly app, or just pretend you’ve taken up drinking from a plastic and metal beaker. Either way, this silly little app turns the iPhone’s screen into a showy pint of the foamy stuff. There’s a free version too, dubbed iPint, although you’ll have to put up with Carling branding to get hold of it. Real ale fans – stay clear.

BandBand (£5.99)
Make like a musical maestro with your own band at your fingertips. This multi-touch app lets you play piano, guitar, drums and more! Thanks to the iPhone’s fantastic screen, more than one finger can tap away at a time, letting you play properly, as well as sequence up tracks to form full-blown songs!

Mini Mortgage ManagerMini Mortgage Manager (£0.59)
Keep those bailiffs at bay and maintain your mortgage repayments with this house-saving tool. It’s the ultimate aid to avoiding a visit from the bank’s bother-boys, and at just under 60p you’d be a fool not to install it (just don’t look at the sickening amount of interest you’ve already paid.)

TipperTipper (£0.59)
There’s only one thing more difficult than choosing what to order in a restaurant, and that’s deciding how much to tip the waiter. Thanks to Tipper you’ll never over tip for shoddy service. It does the number crunching, while you do the munching.

Birthday reminder

Birthdays Organizer (£1.19)
Always remember mates or boyfriend and girlfriends birthdays. The second she mentions her birthday, jot it down here. It’ll keep you posted as the big day approaches, so you’ll never find yourself setting up camp in the doghouse. And if all these dates come to nothing, you can always capitalise on her inevitable bout of birthday depression with a complementary booty call!

CocktailsCocktails (£2.99)
Lets cut to the chase: when you’re out on a date all you really want to do is bin the bar and head back to your place early. Cocktails will let you impress your date with intricate knowledge of fancy drinks once you’re lured her back home. Fire it up, fling open the cupboards, and you’ll be whipping up a Sex On The Beach in no time.

A Personal AssistantA personal assistant (Free)
Condemn your organizer to the scrap heap with this app, letting you fit all your personal accounts in the palm of your hand. Fire it up and you’ll find the modern-day equivalent of a filofax housed in your iPhone or iPod touch. Red braces and Porsche not included.

Brain challengeBrain Challenge (£5.99)
Sure it’s a game, but this challenging time-waster will turbo charge your grey-matter so you can climb the corporate ladder thanks to some IQ energizing activities. Simple exercises keep your noggin in tip-top shape, so you’re ready to challenge the boss, and win.

ZeptopadZeptoPad (5.99)
Jot down all your brainstorms on this digital scribble-pad. It’ll save your thoughts for review later, so you’ll always have something fresh to whip out at the next department meeting. Get ZeptoPad, and get a reputation as being the company’s premier ideas man, guaranteed!

PhonesaberPhoneSaber (£free)
Swing your iPhone about to the epic sounds of a lightsaber. A Star Wars fans dream, just be careful how you swing it. The iPhone’s smooth shell makes it a slippery customer at times, especially if you’ve got a plastic-backed 3G version. We’ve accidentally chucked ours several times already. Take heed!

Readdle DocsReaddle Docs (£8.99)
View all your Microsoft Office, PDF and other documents quickly and easily with this business-focused office app. It’s like having a briefcase in your pocket, and means keeping track of important papers needn’t mean lugging ringbinders full of information in your backpack.

Pick&ChoosePick&Choose- Groceries (£2.99)
Make shopping as simple as supermarket sweep with this grocery grabber. It’s the only grocery list you’ll ever need. Just pick what you need from the app’s foodie database and get whizzing down those aisles. Don’t forget the inflatable banana.

ChefChef (£2.99)
Cook up some corking home cooked cuisine, courtesy of Chef. This food friend lets you upload your recipes to its dietary database and check out those cooked up by other culinary cohorts. Find something you like, then conjure it up, just add the ingredients to the app’s shopping list, grab ‘em off the shelves and get cooking.

iWantiWant (£free)
So you’ve planned that dinner date, but having groomed and dolled yourself up you find the tables are booked. Disaster! Not so, fire up this appetite-feeding app and get munching elsewhere close by. With restaurant and bar reviews prepared and available at a touch there’s no need for trip to the takeaway.

My Life Record (Family Edition)My Life Record Family Edition (£29.99)
Bung your family’s entire medical history on your iPhone, and keep it in the palm of your hands at all times. It even allows you to store X-ray snaps, easily accessed at a touch. Handy for parents, and ideal if a family holiday turn into a nightmare.

Glucose CharterGlucose-Charter (£2.99)
If you’re a diabetic you’ll know how important it is to maintain your glucose levels when choosing your diet. Thankfully help is at hand with this app, helping you make wise dietary decisions and track your blood glucose at the flick of a finger.

SOS FlashlightTanjas SOS Flashlight (£free)
If you’ve managed to find yourself marooned and in need of assistance, this handy app will send an SOS signal in Morse Code using the iPhone’s screen as a flashing distress beacon. It’ll also double up as a torch, and can flash in more than one colour too!

Banner FreeBanner Free (£free)
Should the very worst happen and you find yourself in the midst of a major disaster, touch up this communication app. If you’re unable to speak or just want to communicate with someone over a distance, it’ll let you write large messages on your phone, which then scroll across the screen. Or use it to communicate with colleagues cross the room. Simple!

MecretsMecrets (£5.99)
Don’t dilly-dally with documents clogging up your personal space; store all your confidential tidbits in one place, your phone. The touch lock interface adds Fort Knox-style security to your mobile, meaning you’ll never have to memorize marathon number sequences again.

Accellastudy FrenchAccelastudy French (£8.99)
Ordering your favourite continental grub in restaurants abroad can be tough. You order one thing and end up with the erm, house special. Next time you go abroad, learn the lingo fast with one of the Accelastudy language apps. You’ll be flirting with the French in no time, although it’s also available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and German.

QuicksendQuicksend (£0.59)
Sure, text messages are quick, but what if you want to send an email to someone in seconds? Quicksend makes emailing easy peasy. Simply start it up, select, email, write a quick message and zap it straight into your recipient’s inbox. It’s so easy you can do it with one arm tied behind your back.

iTrans NYC SubwayiTrans NYC Subway (£5.99)
So you’re stuck in New York City, struggling to tell the Bronx from your backside? Not with this app in your pocket. It condenses the Big Apple’s subway system into a manageable mess. Even slow-witted tourists will be able to master its intricacies with this app.

GraffitioGraffitio (£free)
Fire up this app in city centres, and you’ll instantly tap into virtual graffiti walls where others have left messages. It’s location-sensitive, so everything you see was written while the author stood in the same location as you are now. Creepy? Yep, but the walls often point the way to hidden city gems. Fire it up, and see what you can find!

StepsSteps (£1.19)
This clever app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer as a pedometer to measure your steps. By using your weight and height, it’ll figure out how any steps you’ve taken, the distance covered and calculate the calories lost. You’ll be a slim Jim in no time.

Halloween Sound MachineHalloween Sound Machine (£1.19)
Yes, we’re quite a few months early with this, but there’s never a bad time to scare your mates, especially when they see you’ve done it using an iPhone. Jealousy and fear – they’re dangerous emotions, but you’ll be able to command both with this simple app! Sneak up on your mates with the sounds of a rusty chainsaw, go on, you know you want to!

Comic TouchComic Touch (£2.99)
Take pictures of your friends and add speech bubbles with hilarious captions and effects. Yes. We know most of those speech bubbles will end up containing swear words, insults and other banter, but that’s the point. The iPhone makes ridiculing your friends easier than ever. It’s just a shame it can’t send images on using MMS.

Top ListsTop Lists (£0.59)
With top tens of the greatest music, books and films in your pocket at all times, you’ll never struggle to find a romantic gift for your date. If the evening’s going badly, you could even consult its top tens for conversation-starters. You never know, it might unearth something you’ve got in common!

TouchFSTouchFS (£8.99)
Got an iPhone and need to fill it up with your music? This timesaving music mate lets you drag and drop all your music files from your iPod Touch straight to your phone through Wi-Fi. The app acts as a server storing all your folders, just choose which ones you want.

Where to?Where to? (£1.79)
This neat city guide adds a slick iPod classic-esque interface to easily figure where to go and what to do. Stuck for some self-ammusement while wandering around town? Fire up this cheap-as-chips app to get yourself back on the road to inner-city bliss.

FlashlightFlashlight (£Free)
Next time you’re caught in a dimly-lit emergency scenario, you’ll be glad you installed this free app. It turns your iPhone into a handy torch. Perfect for avoiding trip hazards in the dark, signaling for assistance, or just warding off aggressive woodland creatures!

SplashmoneySplashMoney (£5.99)
Get in touch with your bank and watch the pennies roll in with this mini money manager. Create budgets for yourself, print them out and you’ll have no excuses for budging from your allowed expenditure. You can even sync SplashMoney with a desktop version to keep all your accounts within easy reach.

iGoldiGold (£4.99)
Thar be gold in them there iPhones, so get trading and you’ll too make a profit. Maybe. Just log in, check the prices and make your move. It doesn’t stop at gold though, with silver and platinum markets available there’s more than one way of getting rich from your phone.

Crash BandicootCrash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D (£5.99)
The wacky marsupial is back for some insane karting fun and crazy battles, along with console-quality graphics. Fire up this addictive racer and you’ll soon attract some interested eyes. Shortly after, expect to see jaws drop. Graphics this slick are unheard of on mobiles until now, and guarantee you’ll have a group gathered and wanting to know more.

TyroTunerTyroTuner (£1.79)
This guitar-tuning app for your iPhone will mean next time you pull out the six string, it’s guaranteed to be in perfect pitch. Strum away to a group of friends safe in the knowledge it’s properly tuned, and not straining their ears (or patience). It’ll even switch between strings automatically as you use it, so there’s no need to keep prodding through menus.

Etch a SketchEtch A Sketch (£2.99)
Make doodles on your iPhone just like you did as a kid with this nostalgia-inducing app. Within minutes you’ll have mates huddled ’round, wanting a piece of the action, but don’t let them. The second they get their hands on your precious iPhone they’re sure to shake the handset and wipe all your good work from the screen!

Go Learn Gym EditionGoLearn Fitness: Gym Edition (£5.99)
The perfect aid if you’re trying to beef up in the gym, but keep being intimidated by the hulking instructors. With video demonstrations and hints on which weights to use and how to use them, you’ll look just like Arnie after a couple of weeks.

DietDiet (£2.99)
Worried what you’re eating might not be good for you? This foodie app contains details for thousands of foods, so you’ll be able to tell what’s what at the tap of your iPhone’s screen. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you eating it anyway. Willpower is definitely required with this app.

AIMAIM (£free)
Keep in touch, send instant messages and check up on your friends’ statuses. The AIM app is rock solid, and even works with Apple’s .Mac or MobileMe accounts. You can hold multiple conversations at once and set your status to tell the world what you’re up to, no matter where you are.

Stage handStage Hand (£4.99)
Don’t faff about with PowerPoint, conduct powerful presentations from the palm of your hand. What’s on the big screen also shows up on the phone, although you might end up looking a bit like Dave from finance who talks to his hand.

SketchesSketches (£3.49)
Scribble pictures of your friends with the best iPhone drawing app around. Not too hot at art? Don’t worry – you can take pictures and draw over them too. There are even clip art objects included, to make adding moustaches and hats to friends as simple as pinching the screen!

SuperPongSuperPong (£1.79)
This game Takes an old classic and gives it a 21st century makeover. Luscious graphics and wrist-twitching gameplay make it a must-install, as does its price. How does it entertain a crowd? You can upload your scores and battle to beat the best in the world, or anger those you’ve just toppled. OK, so maybe you’re not entertaining them if you’re beating them, but it’s worth a shot!

LifecastLifeCast (£free)
This ultra-handy blogging tool lets you write posts on the move, upload photos, and even tag your entries with GPS data, so your readers will know where you were at the time. There’s support built in for Google’s Blogger platform, as well as Tumblr, with more promised soon.

BubblesBubbles (£free)
Not a fan of bubble wrap? Then how about popping actual virtual bubbles! Yes, we know that’s a bit of a contradiction, but bear with us. This app’s also free, and will let you smear your screen with floating soapy spheres, before bursting them with a finger. It’ll also respond to the phone’s accelerometer, so bubbles always float downwards.

iEnvisioniEnvision (£5.99)
Fed up with seeing the same dreary things every day? Bus? Car? Space Station?! This app is loaded with cool images from around the world, and pulls even more from the web. It automatically collates pictures into slideshows, so you can feed your mind with pictures. Know any other phones that can give you an automatic slide-show on any subject? Nope, us neither.

iToonyiToony (£1.79)
Sketch simple drawings, or annotate existing photos just by using your finger tips. iToony can even set your creations as the iPhone’s background. Perfect for doodling your own comics, adding hilarious objects to photos of friends, or just spicing up your standby screen with a splash of colour!

Mind WarpMind Warp (£0.59)
These mind-mangling optical illusions are great to whip out in a pub. We guarantee everyone will want to try them, and if you’re not surrounded by mates, they pack enough repeat appeal to keep you amused while you wait at the bus stop. There’s never been a more inventive way to waste time, muck up your eyesight, or induce a migrane!

TarotiTarot (£Free)
All girls love horoscopes. It doesn’t matter that they’re less truthful than a Clinton speech. Impress your date by showing them your spiritual side. Make out that you check the stars and consult the cards every day, and you’ll soon be making out in a different way altogether.

Paluwai Real Estate SearchPuluwai Real Estate Search (£free)
Become a superpower in the property investment ladder by keeping track of the latest properties available and where, you’ll soon be on your way to making a mint and becoming the next rising star in the property game and a master in your very own version of a real life Monopoly board game. Move over Donald Trump.
Tap Expense

TapExpense (£2.99)
Hey big spender, use this to keep on top off your daily expenses. You’ll always know where your money is, and how much you’ve got still to spend. It’s like having a bank manager in your pocket, but without the constant nagging, or the need to wear a tie all the time.

Grocery listGrocery list (£2.39)
Another grocery list app? Well, yeah but this one’s different. Rather than sifting through lists of items simply just tap the items you need and tick them off with another tap when you’ve trolleyed them. Your weekly shopping needn’t turn you into a basket case.

BeerpadBeer Pad (£2.99)
The worst thing about sampling exotic beers abroad is forgetting what they were called when you get back home. This beer baron lets you record and rate your favourite, and not so fave’ tipple so you’ll always have fond memories of all those fine Czech beers so you can hunt them down back home.

Weight watcheriScale (£2.99)
You’re probably stuffed by now. But don’t worry about your weight, fire this app and it’ll help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking your weight to show how close you are to your body goals. Whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, this app is perfect for food loving health bods.

Sun CompassSun Compass (£0.59)
Don’t know your city centre from your outskirts? Confused when you’re told to head ‘uptown’? Install this simple app and take a step in the right direction the old fashioned way, using the sun as your guiding light to always walk the right way! Warning: It’ll become useless at night!

Accounts to goMyAccountsToGo (£free)
If you’ve always dreamt of running your own business, now you can from your iPhone. How else would you be able to keep in touch with clients, sales figures, how much stock you’re shifting and your already bursting-at-the-seams accounts?

CheckPleaseCheckPlease (£free)
The next time you and your colleagues schmooze clients on an off-duty business dinner you’ll never overpay when it comes to tipping thanks to this top tip buddy. The less money you spend tipping means you can spend even more on the refreshments. And it’s free, bonus!

TriplogTriplog/1040 (£7.49)
Tired of moving from business deal to business deal, just to make your fat cat cigar-chomping chairman happy? Play the claim game and use this handy mileage tracker to keep track of distances traveled to get reimbursed for your long haul trips, and then send it to your boss for reimbursement. It’s a crafty cash saver.

Go Learn PlusGoLearn Fitness: Plus (£11.99)
Just like the cheaper version above, this tutorial app squeezes in videos and tools to tune your fitness regime. It’s a bit pricey compared to alternative apps though, and probably one for real fitness addicts. Our advice is to start small and work you way up to this. Once you’ve dodged the pies for a month, you’ll have enough spare cash to pay for it!

FatWatchFatWatch (£5.99)
Find out if you’re losing or gaining weight with this vital flab-fighting tool. It’ll keep you in check over time too, just rotate your phone to see a chart of your progress plotted across the screen. The best way to give yourself an incentive is to see how far you’ve come, and that’s exactly what FatWatch lets you do!

Shopping listShopping list (£0.59)
Ditch the grocery list and take your phone shopping. Since you’ve got a list of everything you need to buy at all times, you won’t waste precious minutes scrabbling round the kitchen for a paper and pen, before opening each cupboard in turn to find out what needs re-stocking. As you’d expect, you can tick off what you’ve already bought, and re-use lists for regular shopping trips. Next time you hit Tesco, Shopping list will know everything you need.

iTrans DC MetroiTrans DC Metro (2.99)
The Washington DC Metro has its own navigation app too. It’ll help guide you around the American capital as if you were a local. That means no more aimless meandering around town like a zombie, and should you hop onto the underground subway, it’ll even let you see the last service updates it received when you’re offline.

Easy Task ManagerEasy Task Manager (£Free)
Inundated with in-tray tasks? Keep track of all your to-do lists and become an organisational overlord with Easy Task Manager. It does exactly what it says, letting you quickly divide your time between different projects. You’ll save time and maximise efficiency, as well as giving your co-workers cold sweats.

Aria touchAria Touch (£17.99)
This social business tool will let you set your own business objectives, as well as assigning them to others, and keeping on top of them. Think of it as the ultimate goal-setting tool for you and your team. Keep everyone motivated with targets, and you’ll soon find yourself next in line for a pay-boost.

Oracle Business IndicatorsOracle Business Indicators (Free)
Want to show everyone who’s boss? This bar chart buddy lets you keep track of company data wherever you are. Tap into it and you’ll have instant stats in real time, so you can let everyone know who’s in line for promotion, not just yourself.

Lionclock PlusLionClock Plus (£34.99)
Managing monthly employee payments can be tough, take the sting out of it with this tool. It lets you keep track of it all on your phone so you needn’t run around like a headless office worker. Your newfound management skills mean you’ll soon be the head honcho.

LexiconLexicon (£5.99)
Learn a new language and you won’t be overlooked for those mega business deals abroad. While others a re languishing in the lingo league your bilingual brilliance will make you stand out. You never know, you might even get a tan into the bargain!

RemoteRemote (Free)
Grab control of your computer or Apple TV right from your iPod or iPod touch from anywhere in your home. It works through your Wi-Fi network so it’s perfect for couch slouchers letting you play, pause, skip or shuffle your tunes without getting off the sofa.

ShakespeareShakespeare (Free)
Entrance your lover with classic lines from Romeo and Juliet. OK, that’s a bit cheesy. But it’ll come in handy for filling the vast swathes of white space inside birthday cards, valentine cards, and for thinking up a smooth message to go with those flowers you’re sending.

iTrans BartiTrans BART (£2.39)
Found yourself in San Francisco? Download this app and you’ll get train locations, destinations and schedules for the Bay Area Rapid Transit network all on your phone. Getting around has never been this easy – it’ll even break down routes into step by step directions.

Emergency CardEmergency card (£1.79)
With emergency contacts and lists of nearby hospitals should the worst happen, this app could be the difference between life and death. It’ll even store data about any illnesses you’ve had in the past so a doctor can diagnose your condition much quicker. You’ll owe your life to your iPhone, oh, and this list!

Weight TrackerWeight Tracker (£o.59)
We’re not ones to encourage size zero-style eating regimes, but those above their recommended weight are most likely to suffer illnesses. Unless you install this app, and get yourself on the treadmill. It’ll help keep you in touch with your current weight, and weight-loss goals. Best of all, it’s free!

SodasnapSodasnap Instant Postcards (£free)
Send instant postcards to your friends, just take a snap, attach a message and send it to them. OK, it’s not blogging in the strictest sense of the word, but if your blog platform accepts posts by e-mail, you could use it to send a postcard to all your readers while you’re away on holiday!

iDrinkiDrink (£2.99)
Ditch the bar and magic up a Margherita’s with this drinks don. It has all the recipes you need to become the cocktail king. Mix it up with over 4,500 recipes to upgrade your tipple and get sipping some trendy thirst quenchers without the pretentious surroundings.

  • tim

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  • Tom Allen

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  • jinjino

    Thanks for sharing. However, Why don't you review the iPhone app Post Capsule?
    It is the best choise when you have a girlfriend.

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  • Morini Morena

    I need an app that can close any other apps left open any suggestions?

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