Dell Inspiron 910 keyboardThere’s still no official word from the big D about when, exactly, we can expect to see its dinky Inspiron 910 lappy, but it has thrown out some technical documents into the wild – giving us a little bit more info to chew on until the day arrives. Let it be soon, please.

If you want to dive straight into tech fest, you’ll find documents on the keyboard, status LEDs and USB optical disc drive available for your delight.

If you’re still desperately worried about Dell’s decision to get rid of the Function keys to keep the size down, then you can finally rest. You’ll be able to access them by using the Fn key and holding down A through to ; on the middle row – although you’re stuffed if you need F11 or F12 as it only goes up to F10.

Out TBC | £TBC | Dell (via Liliputing)

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