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Arcam FMJ CD17While you might think £500 is a lot to splash on a CD player, after all you can get a Blu-Ray deck for less, Arcam’s quality simply doesn’t come any cheaper than the all-new FMJ CD17.

Designed to squeeze the very best performance from your musical discs, it’s a high-end 14-bit player, packing in Arcam’s ‘Mask of Silence’ technology, alongside Stealth Mat EMC damping to reduce electronic buzzing and interference.

The whole thing is built around a low-resonance chassis too, reducing vibration and lessening the chance of skipping, jolting sound.

In case you’re not completely convinced, Arcam’s even honouring it with a five year guarantee. Yours for £500 in black or silver, but you’ll need to fork out an extra £450 for the matching FMJ A18 amplifier.

Out now | £500 | Arcam

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