Pure Evoke FlowPure’s just blessed our ears with the unveiling of its first ever internet radio, the Pure Evoke Flow. Another internet radio? No – this is much more of a ‘connected device’, syncing online and serving up clever content direct from the web.

There’s DAB and FM inside too, but it’s its internet connection that’s most impressive. Pure has spent over two years developing the hardware and software behind it. It’s the first radio in the world to run on Linux, and is able to pluck BBC Listen Again content, as well as on-demand shows from commercial broadcasters, from thin air.

It’ll also suck up your favourite podcasts, pick from over 10,000 streaming stations and tune into “Pure Sounds” – the company’s new ambient sound service, dishing up nice noises like crashing waves or the sound of rain to lull you to sleep, provide calming background hubbub or simply let you pretend you’re out of the house when you answer the phone.

Behind it all is Pure’s new web portal. Simply dubbed The Lounge, it’s one of the most advanced radio services we’ve ever seen. Stream checkers constantly check the quality of the stations listed, so you won’t find any duff broadcasters, and favourites saved on the radio are instantly synced to the web.

Those favourites are more advanced than typical presets too, with folder capabilities, so you can sort all your top talk stations from the music or sports shows you also love to listen to.

The radio itself is equally impressive. Pure has worked hard to keep it looking like a regular radio, meaning internet broadcasts slip seamlessly into your listening life. That’s not to say it isn’t high tech. Touch-sensitive buttons and a large OLED display put it head and shoulders above the competition, while its slick interface is immediately usable and ultra-friendly.

Fancy finding a new station? You can filter through thousands by combining preferences for language, location, genre, name and broadcast quality.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’ll also stream songs stored on your PC, and has an aux input for MP3 players and iPods. As Pure’s director of marketing Colin Crawford says: “This is an Evoke on steroids!”

We know what you’re thinking. This is going to cost a bundle, right? Not at all. On sale next month, it’s just £150. Sounds great to us!

Out September | £150 | Pure

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