Open Clip bringing copy and paste to iPhoneApple might not think adding copy and paste functions to the iPhone is a priority, but developers making apps for the handset certainly do. Now one industrious programmer has started an open source scheme to add the missing features.

Dubbed Open Clip, it’s a set of frameworks that can be shared between developers, meaning any app made using them can copy and paste to other apps using them.

So far, it’s being supported by WordPress, Twittelator and Magicpad, although tons more will doubtless hop on board once the code is released to the public.

Essentially, Open Clip saves copied text into a shared area within the iPhone’s memory. It can then be fished out by any other app using the Open Clip framework. Simple, isn’t it? Now, if only Apple would get their act together and bring the same tools to every app on the iPhone.

You can see Open Clip being demoed on below.

Cut and Paste for iPhone from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.TBC | £free | Open Clip

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