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Audi O carIt’s a great pun and an even better prototype. The concept design for Audi and the forthcoming car flick, The Fast and the Furious Deaf Jam, turns an Audi into a giant iPod on wheels with DJ decks at the back.

A talented design student from the Czech Republic, Ondrej Jirec, has come up with a car that makes the sound system its primary function. It has internet connectivity for downloading music directly to its 650GB hard drive, an iPod dock and Bluetooth connectivity for linking with other Audi Os. Best of all are the two DJ decks and a mixer in the back for impromptu parties. Vroom, shake the room!

Out TBA | £TBA | Audi (via Yanko Design)

  • Christiansepulveda

    wonder how much it cost cause a lot of people think were fuckin rich

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