Mech RCOften is the case that all the best consumer bots get their debuts in Asia or America but this fine specimen is set to hit the shops in early October and it’ll be UK consumers gloating to overseas robot lovers.

This seventeen servo masterpiece has a look of menace about it, the designer behind its form is none other than Andrew Wildman, an artist on the Transformer comics for the last two decades.

Inventor Jim Wyatt tells us this is the perfect home robotics system, filling the gap between Tomy’s iSobot and Robonova.

Ready to run straight out of the box after a battery power-up the Mech RC uses an entertaining on-screen software which you manipulate the movements of the robot as an animation then load up your action sequence, much more interesting than pressing a sequence of buttons we say.

We’ve been promised the first UK test when the prototypes arrive in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

Available October | £399.99

Mech RC


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