Lunchtime lowdownIt’s lunchtime, so grab a sandwich and settle down for a recap of everything gadget-shaped you’ve missed this morning.

Apple’s dominating tech gossip this lunchtime, just for a change, with rumours that the next iPod touch will come packing a horizontal dock, perfect for recharging while it blasts movies into your eyes.

Sure, it’s a minor update, but from Apple’s own diagrams, revealed in patent filings, it’s a major diversion for the company’s design strategy. See, with a docking port on the side, however will our existing accessories fit? Or maybe that’s the point…

Elsewhere, financial analysts are getting themselves worked up into a frenzy over expectations that Apple will hold a special event next month. It’s not even confirmed yet, but if Apple sticks to its traditions, it’ll be the fourth September in a row to host a special event by the Mac-maker. On the cards: new MacBooks, as well as an iPod update.

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