Asus Eee PC S101 UltimateWe’ve seen the Powerpoint graph, we’ve pored over the specs and now, finally, we get to have a look at what the Asus Eee PC Ultimate S101 will look like. And it’s pretty brown.

As well as being shiny brown, it’s also rather slim. Not Macbook Air thin, but fairly flat nonetheless. It starts at 21mm at the back, tapering down to a mere 16mm at the front. It’s light too at just 1Kg.

Underneath its coffee coloured shell sits a 10in display and it’s powered (not unsurprisingly) by a 1.6GHz Atom chip. Two flavours will apparently be on offer – a 32GB SSD version that’ll set you back $699 and a 64GB SSD model that’s pushing into traditional laptop price territory at $899.

Out TBC | from $699
Asus (via iTech News and Engadget)

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