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Asus Eee PC 904HDIf it’s not one new Eee PC, then it’s another. The 904HD has popped up in Hong Kong where a crack group of computer surgeons have performed themselves a little laptop autopsy. Click on through for a video of the whole grisly affair.

The 904HD is a bit of a Frankenstein monster itself – featuring the same 8.9in display of the 900/901 but in the bigger body of the 1000, for full on retro bezel action. There’s no Intel Atom inside – really, it’s got a 900MHz Celeron chip instead. Storage comes in at 80GB, split into two 40GB partitions.

The video below stops before they really start ripping it apart, but click on over to the Hong Kong PDA User Group forum to see it with its guts all hanging out.


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Hong Kong PDA User Group (via Liliputing)

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