iPhone nano rumours squashed

iPhone nano - off the menu until next year?The Daily Mail got us hankering for an iPhone nano earlier this week, with reports it’d hit Britain before Christmas, but now we’ve had our hopes dashed by pesky analysts.

According to Lehman Brothers, Apple’s supply chain isn’t pointing towards a slimmed-down iPhone until next year.

“While we believe Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone form factor, we do not think one will come until Spring 2009,” analyst Ben Reitzes advised his clients in a report.

His evidence comes from Apple’s on-going battle to supply enough iPhone 3G models to customers, as well as its plans to expand the handset’s availability to 50 additional countries before the end of the year.

The analyst’s concern over Apple’s complication of that plan with a new iPhone model is first and foremost in his warning.

“While we have picked up indications of a product like this in the supply chain, it doesn’t appear that the company has yet solidified the form factor, so it may be hard to get it finalized in time for the holidays,” he added.

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