GTA 4 hitting PC in November

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GTA 4: hitting PCs in NovemberXbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have been wallowing in the joys of GTA 4 for months, but soon PC gamers will get their own hands dirty, as the wet work-sim heads to beige boxes everywhere in November.

Rockstar’s controversy-courting shooter will hit the PC shelves of British game stores on November 21st, and if past GTA releases are anything to go by, PC owners are in for a treat.

See, previous GTA outings have generally pumped out better quality graphics on top-spec machines, thanks to the power of more modern hardware. It’s also claimed by some that the mouse and keyboard combo actually makes it easier to control GTA’s fast-paced action with a PC.

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser seems to agree, stating that the game “looks and plays beautifully on PC.”

Out November 21 | £TBC | Rockstar (via T3)

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