Top 10 Eee PC hacks!

Top 10 Eee PC hacks!There’s only so much you can do to improve the Eee PC before it’s time to get out your spanners, crack the case and dive right in. If you’re handy with a soldering iron and know your way around the innards of a computer, here are the top 10 ways you can make you titchy laptop that little bit better.

1. Slip in a bigger SSD
You’ll still need to delve inside, but this is perhaps the simplest update – bumping up your internal storage to either 32GB or 64GB. These Buffalo boards are the same spec, so you just need to open the case momentarily before making a straight switch.

2. Get Internet inside!
Forget lugging round a 3G dongle or waiting for Asus to release an integrated model. This mobile broadband hack will let you surf away on your Eee PC wherever you’ve got mobile coverage, with no USB add-ons protruding outside.

3. Touch up your Eee PC display
Ditch the mouse and just point at what you want on-screen by adding a touchscreen to your Eee PC. It’s not for the faint hearted, but track down a ready made screen on eBay and it’ll cut down your labour by half.

4. Bump up the storage
If you’re more of a spinning disc fan rather than a supporter of the new fangled SSD, the Eee PC 901 has a hard disc shaped space just waiting to be utilised. Simply slide in a new disc of your choosing and you’ll have acres of storage at your disposal.

5. Eeebook reader
Forget idle tinkering, this project involves gutting an Eee PC and then using its innards as the beginning of a fully fledged ebook reader.

6. Satnav seeker
Fancy finding your way with the Eee by your side? Slip a GPS receiver inside your Eee PC and you’ll no longer have to face the embarrassment of asking for directions ever again.

7. Modem fallback
All the cool kids might be hopping online with wireless these days, but sometimes you’ll only have a phone line available, making this modem mod the ultimate fallback. Everything you need is already inside the Eee PC – just connect up a few wires and you’re away.

8. Light up keyboard
If you find typing in the dark difficult, then this illuminated keyboard mod will shine some light on the situation. For a little under £10, and with a little bit of hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a keyboard just perfect for tapping way as twilight descends!

9. Speed up your Wi-Fi
Finding the built in Wi-Fi a little on the sluggish side? Then give your Eee PC a speed boost by swapping out the regular 802.11g card with one that supports the super swanky 802.11n standard.

10. Processor upgrade
This is perhaps the ultimate Eee PC modification – switching the processor for a faster one. In this case, that means an Eee PC with a 1.2GHz Pentium M chip inside. You’re in serious hardcore territory if you attempt this, but the results will mean extreme performance, not to mention kudos.

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    Everything you need is already inside the Eee PC – just connect up a few wires and you’re away.

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