LEGO in freefall

Lego in SpaceSeven LEGO Mindstorms robots are making a trip to the edge of space as part of this years High Altitude Lego Extravaganza (H.A.L.E.) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this programming platform.

Travelling on an atmospheric weather balloon to an altitude of more than 100,000 feet (30km) the balloon will then be burst and the robots parachute back down to the Earth either on their lonesome or in a group depending on each ones pre-programmed experiment.

Brian Davis a part-time professor at Indiana University has two customised robots on board, one with a digital camera to take both still and video images whilst in the balloon and another attempting the world record for the longest MINDSTORMS NXT free-fall.

Not wishing for a re-build this second creation has a pre-programmed parachute to be deployed before it hits the deck.

Amongst other passengers is a robot created to measure and log UV radiation as a function of altitude while on board the weather balloon.

LEGO fans on the ground might well be hoping for one or more to go slightly awry and pick up some free bricks.

Keep an eye on the progress of these edge-of-space bound bots on the at Mindstorms website.

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