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E-ball PC by Apostle TnokovskiE-ball’s designer was just trying out some new shapes – as the Mighty Boosh would have put it – when he came up with a computer, complete with projected keyboard and display, that looks like a bowling ball. Is this the shape of PCs to come?

Apostol Tnokovski has come up with the 6-inch ball-shaped design that’s about as far removed from the beige tower format that PCs generally follow as you can get. Despite this, the spherical E-ball incorporates all the usual components of a regular PC and stands on legs that emerge from its underside, but instead of a plug in keyboard, E-ball projects an image of a laser keyboard onto your desk and uses an IR sensor to recognise where your fingers are typing.

Another pico projector beams the main display onto your monitor, which could simply be a sheet of A4 paper that E-ball can hold in his little metal flip-out fingers. The laser mouse also pops out from somewhere inside the body of the E-ball, so that everything tucks away again into a perfect sphere when you want to roll it back into your pocket.

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