Top 10 iPhone apps to show off with!Whether you’re larking around in the pub, or killing time waiting for the bus, there’s never a bad time to show off your iPhone, and these apps guarantee it’ll be a show-stopper every time.

We’ve got everything, from graphically rich time-wasters, to accelerometer-pack fun-inducers!

Install these delightfully showy apps on your iPhone (or iPod touch), and you’ll soon have a crowd formed. Just hope your battery doesn’t crumble under the pressure!

BubblewrapBubble wrap (£free)
Everyone loves bubble wrap. Pop, pop, pop! It shouldn’t be fun, but it really is! This wonderfully simple app shows off the responsiveness of Apple’s touchscreen. Sure, it’s not the most inventive use of an iPhone or iPod touch, but it should help alleviate some stress, and for a free download, that can’t be bad!

BubblesBubbles (£free)
Not a fan of bubble wrap? Then how about popping actual virtual bubbles! Yes, we know that’s a bit of a contradiction, but bear with us. This app’s also free, and will let you smear your screen with floating soapy spheres, before bursting them with a finger. It’ll also respond to the phone’s accelerometer, so bubbles always float downwards.

Halloween Sound MachineHalloween Sound Machine (£1.19)
Yes, we’re quite a few months early with this, but there’s never a bad time to scare your mates, especially when they see you’ve done it using an iPhone. Jealousy and fear – they’re dangerous emotions, but you’ll be able to command both with this simple app! Sneak up on your mates with the sounds of a rusty chainsaw, go on, you know you want to!

iBeeriBeer (£1.19)
Trick Boris into thinking you’re flouting drinking laws on the Tube with this alcohol-friendly app, or just pretend you’ve taken up drinking from a plastic and metal beaker. Either way, this silly little app turns the iPhone’s screen into a showy pint of the foamy stuff. There’s a free version too, dubbed iPint, although you’ll have to put up with Carling branding to get hold of it. Real ale fans – stay clear.

PhonesaberPhoneSaber (£free)
Swing your iPhone about to the epic sounds of a lightsaber. A Star Wars fans dream, just be careful how you swing it. The iPhone’s smooth shell makes it a slippery customer at times, especially if you’ve got a plastic-backed 3G version. We’ve accidentally chucked ours several times already. Take heed!

iEnvisioniEnvision (£5.99)
Fed up with seeing the same dreary things every day? Bus? Car? Space Station?! This app is loaded with cool images from around the world, and pulls even more from the web. It automatically collates pictures into slideshows, so you can feed your mind with pictures. Know any other phones that can give you an automatic slide-show on any subject? Nope, us neither.

Comic TouchComic Touch (£2.99)
Take pictures of your friends and add speech bubbles with hilarious captions and effects. Yes. We know most of those speech bubbles will end up containing swear words, insults and other banter, but that’s the point. The iPhone makes ridiculing your friends easier than ever. It’s just a shame it can’t send images on using MMS.

iToonyiToony (£1.79)
Sketch simple drawings, or annotate existing photos just by using your finger tips. iToony can even set your creations as the iPhone’s background. Perfect for doodling your own comics, adding hilarious objects to photos of friends, or just spicing up your standby screen with a splash of colour!

Mind WarpMind Warp (£0.59)
These mind-mangling optical illusions are great to whip out in a pub. We guarantee everyone will want to try them, and if you’re not surrounded by mates, they pack enough repeat appeal to keep you amused while you wait at the bus stop. There’s never been a more inventive way to waste time, muck up your eyesight, or induce a migrane!

BandBand (£5.99)
Make like a musical maestro with your own band at your fingertips. This multi-touch app lets you play piano, guitar, drums and more! Thanks to the iPhone’s fantastic screen, more than one finger can tap away at a time, letting you play properly, as well as sequence up tracks to form full-blown songs!

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