MSI’s slim Eee PC-a-likeWhat is it with little laptops that people just can’t seem to leave them alone? Hot on the heals of seeing an Eee PC running Vista it’s now the MSI Wind’s turn to try out the not exactly lightweight OS, with some surprising results.

Before sending the Wind home to its parents, Notebook Review decided to try and coax it into running Vista to see what it was like. After a little prodding and poking, it relented and with a few XP drivers in place and Intel’s latest graphics driver on board it sprang to life.

After running through a few tests, far from slowing it down, with a bit of tweaking Vista actually improved its performance. In some cases it was only small, but it’s still pretty promising. Battery life was also better and things could no doubt be improved with some bona fide Vista drivers available. For the full results, click on over to Notebook Review.

Out now | from £320
MSI (via Notebook Review)

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