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iPhone 3GUPDATE: We’ve had an official response to news that iPhone 3G deliveries will be delayed from O2. Take a look here.

O2 might have promised to get pre-ordered iPhone 3G handsets into customers’ hands first thing Friday morning, but we’ve just had word from the company that they’ll actually be delivered next week.

In a phone call to O2 customer services this afternoon, we asked whether iPhone 3G handsets would definitely be delivered on Friday.

“No, no. They’re coming in here on Friday,” we were told. “So you’ll probably get it on Monday or Tuesday.”

So much for the advantages of pre-ordering.

It also seems not everyone who has pre-ordered successfully will know about it. Despite our own order being logged on O2’s systems, we’ve yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. It’s a good job we hadn’t started queuing outside The Carphone Warehouse already.

Out 11 July | From £free | Apple, O2

  • scottishorcas

    After several attempts to pre-order on Monday I eventually for a message on screen saying “Thank you for your order. We are processing this and will contact you if there are any complications with the details you have provided.” Now to me this means I was successful in pre-ordering. However, I contacted O2 via their website asking if this was the case and got a reply saying they could not tell me at the moment however I would get a text or e-mail confirming if my order was processed no later than the afternoon of Wed 9 July. Well it is now 17:30 on said afternoon and I’ve heard nothing. So guess I will be queuing like everyone else on Friday!!!! Very disappointed with O2′s service.

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