Robots on ice expedition

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Snomote machineThese scaled down snowmobiles are off to the Antarctic to measure the impact of melting ice so scientists can keep their mitts much warmer.

The SnoMote machines actually make it much safer for researchers to seek out melting ice levels in areas where frozen matter might have reached critical levels and present a danger for the scientists.

Able to traverse inhospitable terrain autonomously using sensors and cameras to navigate the environment these clever droids can also collaborate on the work thats to be done and cover much more ground than is normally usual by humans on the bigger machines.

Scientists first select a safe or Base Station location from which to start the SnoMotes on their way then program each one with an assigned area.

When the work is done they can return to base and release all there data, resulting in a much more accurate picture of ice levels and therfore climate imapct on the frozen surfaces.

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