The Eee Box is going to be exceptionally kind to your wallet.Asus has just spilled a multitude of beans on its upcoming Eee Box desktop PC – and as we’d guessed it’s going on sale at a super-affordable price. How does £199 for a proper PC sound? 

That’s the price tag of the Eee Box B202, which will launch in black and white finishes (what about the pink one, Asus?). It totes Windows XP Home, an 80GB hard disk, Ethernet, two USBs, a card reader and a DVI hook-up for your monitor. Yep, you’ll have to provide your own screen – but Asus will be stuffing a keyboard and mouse into the box. Sounds like the desktop equivalent of the Eee PC is shaping up to be every bit as earth-shakingly value-packed as its notebook predecessor.

Out TBC | £199
Asus (via

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