Security robot on patrol

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Security botReborg-Q has been patrolling the shopping centres of Japan for a couple of months now, able to monitor the presence of unauthorised access and report this as well as water leaks or fires back to its human masters at a fraction of the cost involved in employing human security staff.

The machine has upon its chest a touch-screen interface adding a human element to its metal hulk where visitors can get information about weather, the time and even missing kids with interesting functionlity being continually developed to  add to its skills.
Just this week the company behind the design, Sohgo Security Servies said they had deployed one in an office complex to keep a track on employees overtime working hours, gathering information on staff working too much and reporting them to the HR department, saving cash on this double time behaviour.

Reborg-Q isn’t limited to just wandering about one floor either as it has an interface to communicate with lifts, so there’s no hiding place for anyone.

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