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Playstation 3The Nintendo Wii might be winning the console war but there could soon be a new leader. Sony’s Playstation 3 is catching up. Is this the beginning of the end for the motion-sensing one?

Well, not quite yet. The Wii is still outselling the PS3 in Japan by 1.7 to 1, but that’s a severe decrease from the 6 to 1 battering it was handing out in May.

According to mag publisher, Enterbrain, Ninty sold 235,990 Wii’s in the five weeks ending June 29, while Sony sold 139,494 PS3’s.

Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid 4 have no doubt helped recent PS3 sales, so whether Sony can close the gap further remains to be seen.

We’ve tried looking into our crystal ball and all it says is stay tuned here to find out…you heard the ball.

(via Reuters)

  • Anunimousguy89

    I wonder if that, when a company other than Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft sells their product and buys more of that product, if it counts as a catch up in sales, for anyone?(Nintendo,Ps3,Xbox360) Also, if buyers buy more than one console, just like the people that sell them? I’d guess that would count as a catch up!? I’d guess that buyers are counted, and not the providers!… Someone can buy 5 ps3s, then share them out with friends. I think that, multi-buyers should be counted separately from single buyers, then say, what is their sale acheivement from both platforms.(multi-buyers and single buyers) And ofcourse, I am meaning the sale of one brand console.

  • Anunimousguy89

    I have no idea why the wii tops in sales, firstly. They are all great consoles, and if you buy one, then you can buy all. Someone has to lead!? Go figure! Lastly, I support all but I own one.(I’d have the three, but they’re at war)

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