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iPhone 3GIt seems our original source for iPhone 3G PAYG pricing might’ve been a bit extravagant. O2 just let slip pricing details on the web (before shortly taking them back off), revealing the pay as you go iPhone’s price.

According to O2’s accidental site update, the 8GB iPhone will cost £300, while the 16GB version will be £360. The cost includes six months of Wi-Fi access and unlimited web browsing. After that, you’ll need to shell out an extra £10 a month to stay on the web.

Apparently, the offer will be available to all new and upgrading O2 customers until December 31, however, since O2 has removed the pricing from its website, there’s no guarantee these are the final costs. Stay tuned for more as soon as we hear it.

TBC | From £300 | O2

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