XP running on an OLPC XO… justIn order to keep the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) hardware lean and mean so it’s cheap enough for, well, every child, the XO runs the Sugar flavour of Linux. That’s not stopped Microsoft try to cram XP on there in a way not unalike the Ugly Sisters trying to squeeze their hoofing great clod hoppers into Cinderella’s slippers.

Gizmodo has got a video of the poor little thing straining under the weight of the less than lithe OS. Even getting it on there isn’t a simple process – as it’s only got 1GB of solid state memory, there’s no room for XP there. Instead, the BIOS needs to be altered so it will boot from SD card and then XP is shoved on to a 2GB card and run from there.

Even speeded up, the video seems to take an age for XP to get going. If this was your actual PC you’d probably just stick to Linux instead. Click on over to Gizmodo to see the boot process in action.

Out now | $200
OLPC (via Gizmodo and Liliputing)

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