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Bosch Tassimo Red coffee makerWe love the little Bosch Tassimo coffee maker and its cheeky Kenco T capsules of gourmet coffee already, but now it’s getting a flashy paint job and a range of new flavours in time for Christmas as well.

The Tassimo system gives you your coffee in a pod, or T capsule, so there’s no mess and each drink has a freshly opened taste. It works out a little more expensive than grinding your own beans and to some, it’s not as fun, but you do get a wide choice of drinks to choose from – including tea!

And with the new red Tassimo will come a range of new flavoured pods. They could be Starbucks branded, but we don’t have any more details on which ones yet – it launches in November/December – but hopefully a big watery Americana will be on the menu.

Out TBA | £99

  • KatherineHannaford

    Want one so much! Wonder if they’ll offer a chai tea latté flavour?

  • Jim Hill

    I think chai tea latté will be on the list, but Bosch won’t say any more about the Starbucks tie-in yet

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