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The Ego Electric ScootaHow do you fancy zipping around town tax free, without paying congestion charges, using bus lanes like your own private motorway and coughing up just a quarter of a penny for each mile? No, we’re not making it up – it’s all possible with Firebox’s ultra-cheap electric scooter.

Dubbed the Ego Street Scoota, it’s around a third of the cost of other electric bikes, and will set you back just under £1,000.

Inside is a 1,400 watt motor, powering along at up to 30mph for up to 40 miles. The whole thing is charged from a regular plug socket, and costs just 8p to charge fully.

The only hitch is you’ll need to take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course to ride it, unless you passed a regular driving test before February 2001.

Interested? You really should be. Check it out at Firebox.

Out now | £999.95 | Firebox

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