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Garmin NuvifoneNow the iPhone’s gone 3G, Nokia’s Tube is doing the rounds, and the BlackBerry Thunder is all but 100% revealed, we’re turning our attention to the next touchscreen phone to excite our senses: The Garmin Nuvifone.

Billed as a complete GPS and phone solution, it’s just been given a thorough thumbing by the guys at Laptop Magazine, and looks the absolute business.

The screen is bright and clear, with icons so large you could poke them accurately from ten feet away.

As we’d already heard, there’s a full-blown web browser on board too, as well as e-mail and the obligatory calling abilities.

The interface is slick, with sliding menus and neat graphics. Like the iPhone, it’ll rotate with the phone too. Take a peek at the video below, and see why you might never buy a dedicated satnav again.

TBC | £TBC | Garmin (via Laptop Mag)

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