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Soft House solar harvesting fabricAs oil reserves run dry, the search for alternative energy sources is on and solar harvesting fabric could be one of them. It’s certainly the most elegant option as depicted by Sheila Kennedy in the dreamlike Soft House.

Sheila and her team at KVA Matx have used the electricity generating properties of thin-film photovoltaic textiles to design the self sufficient Soft House. Similar to, but less efficient than rigid solar panels, this amazing material continuously gathers light as it billows around the outside of the building and produce enough energy to power the appliances within. The theory is great, but the material is still very expensive, so we probably won’t be sewing giant solar curtains for a few years yet.

Prototype only
KVA Matx (via Inhabitat)

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    its my first time to see a solar curtain. is this already available on the market ?

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