.Mac: soon to be MobileMe?Steve Jobs is poised to unveil the biggest overhaul of Apple’s .Mac service since it was launched in 2002. But what will Monday bring? We think we’ve got a pretty good idea, and it’s Windows flavoured.

The Mac mavens at TUAW are reporting an inside source at Apple has let slip a few choice details.

For a start .Mac will be renamed MobileMe, with current @mac.com addresses automatically forwarding to new @me.com addresses. But that’s just the tip of the online iceberg.

New web versions of iCal, Address Book and Mail will mirror their desktop counterparts, with data automatically synced from desktops, so important names, addresses, messages and appointments will be available, and in a virtually identical way.

The next-generation iPhone will also sync its content to and from MobileMe, grabbing contacts and e-mail, as well as uploading photos without the need for cables.

Meanwhile, updates to desktop versions of iChat, iWeb and iPhoto will bring compatibility, but little else.

The really intriguing part of TUAW’s report is that Apple plans to offer a “Windows version of MobileMe.”

Exact details of what that’ll offer are sketchy, and since the web apps will work just fine on a PC browser, it’s a little confusing. What’s most likely is a small app, likely bundled as part of iTunes, to sync Windows photos and address book contents online.

Anything we’ve missed? What should Apple include in MobileMe? We’d love to see a Windows-based Back To My Mac application, letting us tap into our faithful Apple computers from boring old work PCs. Could it happen? Only Jobs knows, and he’s not telling. Until Monday, that is.

Apple (via TUAW)

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