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Amercians still short of WiiAmericans are still desperate for a Wii. And if Ninty doesn’t get their act together it could backfire on them, comes the latest warning from analysts.

“The shortage demonstrates one consequence of the weak dollar. We’re seeing companies ignore their largest market simply because they can make a greater profit elsewhere,” Michael Pachter told the LA Times.

“They know that Americans will be just as fat a few months from now,” he added.

The little white boxes have been selling in record numbers over in Japan, with games like Wii fit selling out as almost as soon as it went on sale. But Pachter says ignoring customers can only harm Nintendo as Americans get bored of waiting for a Wii.

“That’s a tough line to tread,” he said. “When does the consumer get frustrated and move on?

According to Ninty, however, the Wii-less in Britain need not worry, with new stock arriving in British retailers on a weekly basis.

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Nintendo (via LA Times)

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