Sky’s new HD EPGTelly fans rejoice! Sky just gave us a sneak peek at their new EPG, rolling out to all HD viewers this Autumn. It’s gorgeous, more intuitive, and faster than anything cable, Freeview or even Freesat has to offer.

The whole system’s been designed around ergonomics and convenience. There’s now no need for your fingers to venture south of the direction pad, and a new “mini TV” in the corner means you won’t miss any programmes while fiddling with Sky+ or scoping what’s on the other channels.

In development for two years, it’s currently in the final stages of testing, circulating around Sky staff before being unleashed on the public this Autumn.

Inside there’s improved navigation, as well as an overhaul of Sky’s search facility. It’s now possible to hunt through seven days of shows, rather than the three days offered by the old EPG.

Set shows to record, and episodes of the same series will be stored in date order in a single “stack” to save trudging through reams of shows labelled as the same thing, just to find the episode you’re after.

The whole thing’s crafted in HD too, so the new menus look as good as the programmes you’ll find through them.

Take a peek at our gallery below. You’ll see it looks the business, and makes finding, viewing and recording shows simpler and faster than ever before.

Out Autumn 2008 | £TBC


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