Dance Dance Revolution: soon to be wearing down keypads everywhereWord reaches us that not only is Dance Dance Revolution hitting a mobile near you soon, but will be multiplayer too, with full blown head to head battles included.

According to the finger twitchers at Mobile Entertainment, Konami has contracted Exit Games to work on the title’s multiplayer features, opening up mobile-to-mobile battles, real-time multiplayer gaming across the internet and and online leader boards.

Players will be able to battle mates in the same room, or across the globe, as well as uploading single player scores to the game’s leaderboards to challenge others without having to battle directly.

It’s a neat idea, and while we’re a bit miffed we’ll have to let our fingers do the dancing, rather than hot-stepping our way to victory, we can’t wait to see how it turns out when Dance Dance Revolution lands on mobiles this Autumn.

Out Autumn 2008 | £TBC
Konami (via Mobile Entertainment)

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