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Mazda’s Advanced Safety VehicleCars that communicate with each other are all the rage. Now Mazda’s getting in on the act, with a new system to stop its motors ploughing into each other.

Trials have already begun in Hiroshima, with Mazda’s Japanese boffins fine-tuning their two-vehicle “blind collision avoidance system”.

Apparently, the technology can avoid prangs when cars unexpectedly turn right in front of each other, as well as guarding against a nasty “rear-end” impact.

As well as that, however, Mazda’s also cooking up an early warning system, which will apply the brakes early if it deems a crash unavoidable. The idea is that it’ll shave precious seconds off human reaction times to reduce the damage of an impact.

Most excitingly, however, is its work on a “communications infrastructure” to tell cars about the road they’re driving on thanks to sensors in its surface. Weird and wacky stuff, soon we won’t need a steering wheel at all!

Mazda (via 4Car)

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