Guitar Hero 4 finally revealed

Now with drums and everythingThose musical murmurings were right. Everyone’s favourite musical pretend-em-up will now include a full drum kit and pedals, complete with separate pads for cymbals along with microphone. Rock Band killer anyone?

The covers have finally come off Activision’s latest musician-sim in a brand new video, and it’s being billed as “The Guitar Hero experience, reinvented.”

We knew the next Guitar Hero 4, being dubbed Guitar Hero: World Tour, would have to be special, and it looks like its designers have yanked out all the stops to make the next version the choice of wannabe rockers.

According to the clip, the new version features “the most realistic drums, the biggest set list and the greatest artists.” Rock Band fans, that’s gotta hurt.

Players will also be able to use the game to record their own tracks, before “releasing them” on the terrified and unforgiving online world.

There’s no more info on which artists will feature in the new game, but we’ve gone beyond caring. We want it now. Check out the video below and get excited with us!

Out fall 2008 | £TBC

Activision (via Slash Gear)

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