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Coke Zero RobotThe trip off the tongue titled “ Coca Cola Zero Vending Machine Robot Coin Bank Figure” (breathe) is a shrunken stay-at-home and collect your coinage version of a giant walking talking machine used in Tokyo last year to promote the tastebud terrorising soft drink.

The 11 inch replica is yous for about $20 from one of the many ebay vendors of such items, and for this negligible amount you’ll get a moneybox which gives you flashing light feedback after every deposit….already its paying for itself.

Robot lovers do not be disappointed, its arsenal of weaponry is one of the first to embrace Buddhist principles, forget your missile firing, gun-toting offerings, no this one will resist/attack/defend/protect with poseable bendy-arms.

Importantly these are limited in availability (thankfully like the drink they promote) so could well net you a return over the years. It could be your legacy to those nearest and dearest although we imagine a property and share portfolio might be better received.

Via Gizmodo

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