New Nokia Tube details emergeMore details on Nokia’s top-secret iPod killer ‘the Tube’ are coming to light following its first exposure at the Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood, California and yesterday’s tentative first look.

It now appears the Tube is actually a 5th generation S60 handset. The mysterious phone, which looks almost exactly like an iPhone, will showcase the latest version of the S60′s touch interface, a sophisticated touch-screen that’s been in development long before iPhone was announced. With a touch-screen UI combined with the tilting landscape-portrait feature and large hi-res 16:9 display, the iPhone comparisons are impossible to ignore.

Instead of the relying on the limited EDGE software for connectivity though, Nok’s version will offer HSDPA for always-on internet and GPRS. More details from Symbian-Freak, suggest the new S60 will be similar in size to the Nokia N73, but a little wider, and will feature tactility feedback – so you’ll know when you have pressed it. It will have an auto-focus camera superior to iPhone and quad-band reception. Its wide range of connectivity will include Bluetooth, uPnP, and WLAN as well as EDGE and HSDPA.

Of course Nokia is keeping very tight-lipped and there’s no word on a launch date, but the secretive new phone looks like the most likely to worry Apple.
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Nokia (via Symbian-Freak)

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