Google wanders onto private propertyGoogle’s Street View is an amazing application. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it lets you take a tour of streets at ground level. It’s made possible by cars driving around, snapping pictures and tagging their location with GPS. Google then stitches them together to make 3D tours. But what happens when the car takes a wrong turn?

The amazing MapMobile keeps shooting, of course! Unfortunate if you’re Christine and Aaron Boring (yes, that is their real surname), who were the unlucky recipients of a Google Street View visit… all the way up their 50 foot private drive.

What’s worse is that the internet giant published pictures of their property, including intimate shots of their home and swimming pool. The camera even took close-up pictures of the Borings’ trampoline, which is mostly used by their children. A little creepy, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Borings have since filed a lawsuit against the Big G, claiming that their driveway is marked with a “private road” sign. Larry Yu, a spokesman for Google, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “There is no merit to this action. It is unfortunate litigation was chosen to address the concern because we have visible tools, such as a YouTube video, to help people learn about imagery removal and an easy-to-use process to facilitate image removal.”

Feeling voyeuristic? You can take a look at all the pictures right here.
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